Liovena Return and Refund Policy

Essential Oils are all-natural oils based on health and wellness. Each of our delicate Essential Oils are handcrafted using only the finest natural extractions. In order to provide and empower other Essential Oil retailers with the very best in quality and wellness, we must ensure that each individual product is refined, packaged, and delivered with perfection. Because of Liovena’s strict dedication to natural wellness, wholesale production, and high standards, we cannot return or refund any items.

Why Wholesale Essential Oils Cannot be Returned or Refunded

Unfortunately, Liovena cannot make any exchanges, returns, or refunds for any Essential Oil products. This is due to the nature of the Essential Oils we create. Liovena is committed to a high standard of production, and our crafting teams work hard to refine, distill, perfect, and properly package each vial of oil we produce.
Since our products are distributed in bulk, they cannot be taken back. This is part of the policies and procedures set forth by Liovena, in accordance with other wholesalers and the Essential Oil industry as a whole. If you are a retailer who is interested in purchasing some of our Essential Oil products and wellness accessories, please keep in mind that all sales are final. For more information about our Essential Oil blends, natural products, and accessories, please visit our shop page.
Our bulk products and orders can be quite large, and our crafting teams are focused on fulfilling all orders accurately. Once an order is shipped, Liovena’s teams immediately begin processing the next order.

Essential Oil Lifespans

The lifespan of Essential Oils must be taken into consideration when vying for a refund or return on any of our products. Since Liovena’s Essential Oils use all-natural, completely refined products, they do come with an expiration date. The distillation process of our natural Essential Oils makes the oils quite volatile, which gives them the possibility of evaporating or oxidizing after a long period of time. Because of the nature of these organic products, Liovena cannot accept a return under any circumstances. Any returns or exchanges would cause the oils to exceed their shelf life, rendering them useless.

Contact Liovena for More Information

If you are having a problem with one of your Essential Oil shipments from Liovena, or if your product is not living up to its standards, you may contact us for more information. Liovena is committed to raising the bar when it comes to the level of quality and health that is promised with each of our natural products. Reach out to us at to address the issue with your order. You will hear from us right away.

The core values that Liovena has built its business on continue to be upheld as a high standard in the Essential Oil industry. Not accepting refunds, returns, or exchanges is an essential part of what makes Liovena function well and exceed all expectations in service to its retailers. Essential Oils, natural blends, and accessories created by the company may be distributed in bulk, and are processed with the vision in mind that Liovena can encourage retailers to be enthusiastic about Esential Oils. Our steadfast adherence to our manifesto and a strong commitment to quality is what makes this business a leader in the Essential Oil market. Liovena has always been about natural health and wellness, and having access to Essential Oils at the peak of the distillation process is what gives the product such a powerful healing ability. Therefore, Liovena will not deliver or exchange anything that is less than perfection.