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Rose Essential Oil (France)

Rose Essential Oil (France)

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Botanical Name: Rosa damascena
Process: Solvent Extracted Absolute
Plant Part: Flowers
Cultivation: Cultivated
Use: Natural Perfumery
Note: Middle Note
Aroma: Warm, sweet, intense rose aroma with ripe fruit notes and soft spicy undertones. Excellent tenacity.
Contraindications: Dilute prior to use.

Absolute Rose essential oil sourced straight from France can be an excellent addition to your aromatherapy collection, or for the use in treating mild skin issues and reproductive symptoms.


Derived from rose blooms in France, the Liovena Absolute Rose essential oils are of the highest quality, with a recognizable scent and the benefits you’re looking for. Standing apart from Rose Otto essential oils, the Absolute Rose options are generally more affordable for the average individual. However, despite the price difference, they still offer many of the same perks, as well as a stronger scent. Producing Absolute Rose essential oil is easier and more efficient than creating Rose Otto oil, allowing for the same great value for a reduced cost. All Liovena Absolute Rose essential oils are imported straight from France, where the French Riviera provides the perfect exotic setting for producing the best roses for this purpose.


While most think of Absolute Rose essential oils as being primarily for aromatherapy and inhalation, they also boast quite a few benefits from topical application. This is the case when it comes to treating dry, inflamed and itchy skin, as well as scars. Additionally, Absolute Rose essential oils can be applied topically to treat stress. Greater relaxation has been shown after applying rose oil to the skin, including decreased breathing rates and blood pressure. Otherwise, it can assist in treating menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms. There are mild antiviral and bactericidal properties within Absolute Rose essential oils, but these are mostly limited in comparison. See our post for details on how to use Absolute Rose essential oils for constipation.

How to Use

To use Absolute Rose essential oils topically, simply combine them with a carrier oil. This makes a perfect oil for massaging and rubbing. You can also add several drops to bathwater, for a similar effect. If you desire to use your Absolute Rose essential oils in aromatherapy, add them to a diffuser or aroma stone. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy the calming environment that’s instantly created with minimal effort.


Always dilute Absolute Rose essential oils before using, and test a small amount on a patch of skin before full usage. This will help determine if you have an allergy or skin sensitivity. It is not wise to use Absolute Rose essential oils on children or pregnant or nursing women.