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Lotus Absolute Pink Essential Oils

Lotus Absolute Pink Essential Oils

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Origin: India

Liovana's lotus essential oil is a scientific combination and complex process of 3 different kinds of organic lotus essential oil for the best aroma and result.

Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera
Origin: India
Process: Solvent Extracted Absolute
Plant Part: Flowers
Cultivation: Cultivated
Use: Natural Perfumery
Note: Middle Note
Aroma: A honeyed, soft, very intense floral; earthy and quite sweet with ripe-fruit and coumarin-like undertones; a tenacious, deep richness, and a rather penetrating spicy, green top note.
Contraindications: Dilute prior to use.


Enjoy the unique characteristics and benefits of Lotus Absolute Pink essential oils. Luxurious, rare and altogether a sensory pleasure, you’ll see why this plant was praised by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Originating in India, the Liovena Lotus Absolute Pink essential oils are the perfect addition to any serious essential oil enthusiast’s collection. The heady scent of flowers, honey, fruit and earth combine to create the perfect aromatherapy and natural perfumery solution. Sweet and refined, these oils hold on to their scent even after being heavily diluted. It’s no wonder that the lotus is so revered in Asia, as the seat for Buddha, carrying him to the heavens; a symbol of power for the Egyptians, introduced by the Persians; and a mystical cultivation in India, where these oils were sourced. Used in Ayurvedic medicine, the lotus is considered sacred in the country for its connection to the soul and mind.

Creating lotus absol

All productsute oils is a very difficult process, as the petals produce very little absolute. To create one kilogram of the substance, as many as 100,000 lotus blossoms are required. Additionally, the harvest time is very short. Authentic and powerful, Liovena provides the most luxurious Lotus Absolute Pink essential oils you’ll find.


The ancient Greeks and Romans used the Lotus essential oils for maladies such as asthma, arthritis and mental health, often in conjunction with meditation. Today, Lotus Absolute Pink essential oils are more connected to aromatherapy than any sort of medicinal usage. Some believe the scent can promote forgiveness, feelings of understanding and other positive spiritual experiences. It’s been used to combat depression, stress and anger. For these reasons, many choose to diffuse the oil around their homes, as well as the magnificent scent.

How to Use

If you have experience using and working with essential oils, incorporating Lotus Absolute Pink into your routine should be easy, especially if you’re crafty. For example, some will add it into their potpourri, homemade perfumes, soaps and candles. Additionally, more spa managers are beginning to incorporate lotus essential oils into their various treatment menu offerings.

For the individual who is relatively new to the world of essential oils, there are still a few ways to use this resource. Adding just a few drops to a warm bath can work wonders, as can a few drops to a diffuser. Combining Lotus Absolute Pink essential oils with a carrier oil for a massage experience is also easy.


Dilute your Lotus Absolute Pink essential oils before usage, and always perform a patch test. This can help determine if your skin is too sensitive to enjoy the oils’ benefits. Additionally, be sure to check with your physicians before using, as some lotus oils can interfere with certain prescription drugs.