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Bulgarian Rose Oil
Bulgarian Rose Oil
Bulgarian Rose Oil
Bulgarian Rose Oil
Bulgarian Rose Oil
Bulgarian Rose Oil
sourced from the most reputable organic farmers who have been in production for generations.

Bulgarian Rose Oil

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Bulgarian Rose Oil - Nature's Gift That Transforms You Into A Sensual Bliss. Liovena’s Bulgarian Rose oil is sourced from the most reputable organic farmers who have been in production for generations. Our long-standing relationship with them since 2012 has helped us understand the intricacies of their farming methods and how sustainable they are to produce our therapeutic-grade product line.

Aromatic profile: Bulgarian Rose Oil is a deep mixture of earthy green notes, faint pepper and hints of citrus zest. It has an aftertaste reminiscent of that found in other oils with similar profiles like lavender or geraniums. The oil's aroma can be described as a deeply floral and warmly rich sweet fragrance that may cause you to feel more relaxed when it fills the air around you.

Appearance: The appearance of this oil is a pale yellow to colorless liquid. It's slightly viscous and mobile at temperatures above 72 degrees Fahrenheit but will form crystals or become solid below that temperature range. The quality remains the same regardless of what state it takes on in colder weather though; by rolling between your hands it can get back into its fluid state pretty quickly!

Bulgarian Rose Otto is often referred to as a "natural beauty elixir." It has been used for centuries all over the world and can be incorporated into your daily routine. Bulgarian rose is known as having one of the most fragrant flowers with notes that are reminiscent of cherry blossoms or peonies while also carrying a certain sweetness like honey.


Bulgarian Rose Otto Overview

The process of creating Bulgarian rose oil has been perfected over time to produce an all-natural, 100% pure form that can be used as both a beauty aid and dietary supplement.

The Bulgarian essential rose oil has natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. It is also rich in Vitamin C and has been used for centuries by Bulgarian women to help keep their skin soft, supple, and youthful.

Bulgarian Rose Oil can be applied topically or taken internally as a dietary supplement. The topical application of the Rose Otto oil aids in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles on your face while giving you a natural glow.

To use rose oil as a dietary supplement, you can simply add it to your morning smoothie or tea for an extra boost of Vitamin C. 

Bulgarian Rose Otto Steam Distillation Process

Bulgarian Rose Oil is made through a process called steam distillation, which separates the oil from plant material. The rose petals are collected and dried to release their natural oils. The essential oils are then extracted with minimal heat and then put through carbon dioxide extraction before being bottled as a way of preserving more antioxidant substances.

Bulgarian Rose Oil Benefits

This Rose oil is a sweet and all-around essential oil that can be used for a variety of purposes. It's perfect not only for perfumery but also as aromatherapy and body care products! Following are some of the benefits:

1) Acts as both a beauty aid and dietary supplement 

2) Promotes healthy skin and youthful appearance 

3) Help diminish wrinkles on your face; can be applied topically or taken internally

4) All of the ingredients are non-toxic and safe for daily use.

5) It can be used to help with hair loss

6) The scent of Bulgarian Rose oil is calming and uplifting

7) Bulgarian Rose oil has been a natural remedy for stress and anxiety

8) It's often used in aromatherapy, massage therapy or bath products

How to Use Bulgarian Rose Otto

There are so many different ways to use Bulgarian rose oil because it does wonders of all sorts!

Different ways to use the Rose Otto:

  • You can apply it topically by rubbing a few drops of the oil on your skin or scalp like you would with any other beauty product.
  •  Add some in with your morning smoothie for that extra boost of Vitamin C and antioxidants or mix some with your favourite lotion for added hydration.
  •  You can also add a little to an aromatherapy diffuser or candle and enjoy the lovely scent that Bulgarian Rose Oil is known for (this includes its various uses as a natural air purifier). You'll notice it has a sweet, fresh fragrance reminiscent of roses in full bloom which makes this oil perfect for fighting off depression and giving you that "springtime" feeling.

Bulgarian Rose oil's versatility makes it easy to use on any part of your body! Just massage some into dry hands before bed every night so they're soft when you wake up the next morning. Rub the droplets over rough elbows to soften them. 

  • If you have any old scars or tattoos, just rub it in the area and let the oil do its magic.

Tips To Identify 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Otto

Many people consider Bulgarian Rose to be the standard for quality, but how do you know what is really 100% pure? Outlined below are some of the best ways to identify pure Bulgarian rose oil:

* Check vendor's credentials and be sure your Rose Otto has been distilled from fresh roses. If it's not made out of freshly picked leaves and petals then prepare yourself for an artificial scent with no depth or nuance whatsoever! Think about when making tea vs using instant packets; there will always be some differences in taste even if they're both green teas.

*An extraordinary aromatic fragrance should be apparent upon first inhaling the scent, which leads to a heady floral bouquet after about 10 minutes of exposure. 

* Be sure not to purchase any products that have added ingredients such as glycerin - these will often dilute the strength of pure Bulgarian rose otto and make it less potent.

* Make sure to purchase Bulgarian Rose Otto from a reputable supplier or brand, as many companies will sell pure rose otto that has been diluted with other oils in order to make it cheaper and easier for them to produce.

* If you have any doubts about the purity of your Bulgarian Rose Otto, open up the bottle so that you can smell the inside - again, if it smells off then there's a good chance this is not 100% pure rose oil! 

Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery


Blending Suggestions: Diluting is an important factor in all perfume creations. It helps to create a more subtle, or lighter scent that can be customized depending on the desired effect. Blend your perfumes carefully. You want to keep some of the stronger scents for later in life, so use a little less than you would if it were just one scent. For example, Rose Otto’s are more potent than Rose Absolutes and will need less fragrance added before they have the same level of odor intensity as an Absolute perfume does by default.

Perfume made with just a touch of Rose Otto can be amazingly delightful. We recommend using it sparingly, however as too much can overpower the other scents in your perfume formulation and make them seem bland by comparison. Fortunately for you though, not only is this delicate scent great when used alone or mixed with many different oils to form intriguing blends; its notes are perfect for rounding out any blend that seems incomplete without it.

Please Note: This oil is soluble in fixed (vegetal) oils and may need to be filtered if used on a large scale.


Bulgarian Rose Oil Blends Well With Other Organic Ingredients Like agarwood, amber oil - fossilized, Amyris, balsam of Peru, beeswax. Bergamot and most citrus oils work in harmony as do black pepper and boronia; carnation is a nice addition to the mix while cassie creates an aromatic experience for you. Cedarwood provides warmth alongside chamomile (roman) cinnamon gives spice flavorings more depth when added Cedrus-like tones are evident in all these combinations which makes them very appealing on account that they have their own qualities but still maintain pleasing balance one can find solace within this delicate fragrance blend.

Safety Recommendations:

Rose oil has been used for centuries in different cultures as a symbol of love, joy and luck. However, some safety considerations should be kept in mind before using it - keep these tips handy when picking out your perfect rose scent.

Do not exceed the maximum dermal use level. Be sure to dilute if you want more than this amount on the skin by adding water or alcohol (the latter will dry quickly). A patch test should also be performed 24 hours before application with sensitive skin types because roses can cause irritation due its high concentration of oils like methyl eugenol which may trigger an allergic reaction.

Disclaimer: Liovena is committed to providing education about the traditional uses of essential oils. This information has not been intended for diagnosing, treating or preventing any diseases and customers are responsible for understanding safe application practices. Rose oil is a natural product. It might vary based on different harvests and production batches.