Pure Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto)

Origin: Bulgarian

Freshly picked from Kazanlak Valley of Roses in Bulgaria, the finest roses are processed to formulate top quality Pure Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil known for its aromatic scent and therapeutic benefits.

Size: 1.3ml
Botanical Name: Rosa damascena
Origin: Bulgaria
Process: Steam Distilled Essential Oil
Plant Part: Flowers
Cultivation: Conventional
Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery / Personal Care Products
Middle Note
Very sweet, fresh, ethereal top note, warm, deeply rose floral body, and rich with pear, berry, and citrus zest undertones.


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Liovena’s Pure Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil is derived exclusively from the damask rose (Rosa damascene), which is cultivated in the world famous Rose Valley in Bulgaria. The oil, also known as rose otto (attar of roses), is extracted from fresh damask rose petals using a steam distillation process to produce the world’s most highly regarded rose essential oil.
The rose essential oil is easily the most expensive essential oil in the world. It is also the most widely used by the perfumery industry. Aside from its leading position in the perfumery industry, the incredibly fragrant rose essential oil is also valued for its antiseptic, fungicidal, antiviral, aphrodisiac and aromatherapic properties.


Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

There are numerous anecdotal evidences of the positive effects of rose essential oil on our mental and sexual health, ranging from stress-related ailments to libido enhancement and improved mental agility. However, let’s explore published and peer-reviewed studies from the scientific community.

  1. Antibacterial Properties of Rose Essential Oil: In 2009, researchers from Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi in Turkey tested the antioxidant and antibacterial activities of Rosa damascena extracts (absolute, essential oil and hydrosol). The study concluded that rose essential oil possessed high levels of phenolics and demonstrated strong antibacterial properties against five types of bacteria.
  2. Anxiety and Stress Management: A 2004 study by Brazilian university, Federal da Paraíba-Caixa, reveals that inhalation of essential rose oil directly leads to a decrease in anxiety symptoms among test subjects.A more detailed study by Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences of Japan’s Chiba University was published in the Journal of Complementary Therapies in Medicine in 2014. Researchers, who triggered prefrontal cortex activity on subjects via olfactory stimulation using rose oil aromatherapy, observed definite physiological and psychological relaxation on the subjects.
  3. Aromatherapy treatment for dementia: A team from the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Scotland, conducted a trial involving 428 patients suffering from dementia. The study noted the notable benefits of rose oil aromatherapy on patients, and suggested that larger randomized controlled trials be conducted.

Common Product Usage Tips

  1. Bath Therapy To Reduce Stress and Anxiety: There are few things as relaxing as soaking in a warm, rose oil-scented bath. Not only will it sooth your frazzled nerves and weary soul, it will also boost your blood circulation and moisturize your skin. Just mix a little Liovena’s Pure Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil with your bath salt, liquid soap or directly into your bath water. A few drops into your shampoo bottle wouldn’t hurt either.
  2. Acne No More!: The antibacterial properties of rose essential oil can definitely help with acne, dry skin or fungal infections. Mix your rose essential oil with carrier oil at a rate of 1:20. Dab a cotton ball into the solution and apply to the problematic area. Repeat daily for a couple of weeks and observe the changes.
  3. Rose Your Home: Sometimes you just can’t get enough of such a divine fragrant. Why not sprinkle a few drops into your fabric softener so your next load will come out smelling heavenly? Or perhaps mix a few drops with water inside a bottle spray and spray liberally around your house to create a heavenly-smelling abode. Your entire family will feel more relaxed and have a better night’s rest.


flowers/herbs/plants/leaves concentrate extract + distilled water.

The key flavor compounds that contribute to the distinctive scent of rose oil are beta-damascenone, beta-damascone, beta-ionone, and rose oxide. Beta-damascenone presence and quantity is considered as the marker for the quality

of rose oil. Even though these compounds exist in less than 1% quantity of rose oil, they make up for slightly more than 90% of the odor content due to their low odor detection thresholds


How to Identify Good Rose Essential Oil

High quality rose essential oil has a deep and vibrant scent that is capable of drowning out other scents instantly. The oil solution is light, and has an almost translucent color that can drift to yellow after oxidation. The viscosity can thicken under ambient temperatures.


Ensure your bottles of rose essential oil are tightly sealed in their original dark glass container. Keep them stored in a darkened location with a stable and temperate ambient temperature.


Rose essential is non-toxic and there have been very few cases of allergic reactions. However, considering its highly concentrated nature, it should always be diluted with water or carrier oils before usage. Keep in mind that a single drop of pure rose essential oil requires 60-70 roses to produce. It should also be avoided during pregnancy. A dermal maximum of 0.6% is recommended.




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