Blended in: Toronto, Canada

Blends: 7 kinds of precious mint essential oils, blend with Bulgarian Otto rose oil, Mont Blenk lavender essential oil and carried by Jojoba gold oil
Benefits: Temporarily relieves a headache, congestion, letting you breathe freely, reduces stress, cheers up your mood. Guaranteed to have you feeling better immediately.

Let our Breath essential oil blend take you on an immersive sensory journey to soothe, relax and invigorate your mind and body. This essential oil blend lets you discover the natural therapeutic properties of 7 precious mints, rose otto oil, lavender oil, and jojo bar gold oil which are perfect for alternative medicines fans as well as yoga lovers.

The Breath essential oil roller is great for those suffering from breathing congestion since a tiny drop under the nose will have you as good as new in a jiffy. This roller can also help freshen you up, alleviate stress, and temporarily relieve your headaches.

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With its refreshing scent, Liovena’s Breath essential oil roller is great for early mornings and long days. Our roller consists of expertly blended single essential oils that are combined using our proprietary mix techniques that have been lab tested. The roller uses natural ingredients derived from plants specifically chosen to help you breathe, and also your body relax.

Relaxing properties of lavender rose otto oil and Jojo bar gold oil with congestion relieving properties of our specially chosen precious mint essential oil make up our proprietary blend. The roller also makes use of the pain relieving properties of these herbs to help ease your headaches.

So the next time you are feeling stressed, congested or experiencing a headache go for our essential oil blend that is guaranteed to have you feeling better immediately. The added benefits and lack of side effects of this essential oil blend make it better than any conventional medication you can find.

Breath Essential Oil Roller Uses

  • Replace your artificial perfume with this roller’s unbelievable scent extracted from natural ingredients that also have health benefits.
  • Can be applied on wrists during busy work days to help you relax.
  • Apply Breath Essential Oil Roller on your neck and shoulders before yoga to create a peaceful aromatic experience during exercise.
  • Perfect for traveling as it can soothe you in traffic, long airport delays, and road trips.
  • Can be used in the evenings to help you unwind after long day when applied on the bottom of your feet.
  • Can also be used to help your mind focus when making important decisions.
  • Use it before an important event, e.g. test, presentation, to release nervousness, focus and clear your mind.
  • Use when nervous to help you relax before an important meeting.


The Breath Essential Oil Roller can be applied on forehead, nose, wrists, neck, feet or any other desired surface. The blend is also specially formulated to be easily used with a diffuser.


Should be kept in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


It should be kept away from children because it poses an ingestion hazard. You should also consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have any pre-existing medical condition.

Read the ingredients list carefully since they can cause an allergic reaction. Disuse immediately if the roller causes skin sensitivity. Lastly, essential oils have different effects for everyone, so if you are not experiencing the desired effects please discontinues the use of this roller.


1 pcs, 25 Pcs (1 case, $30/pcs), Fall 2017 new customer gift *

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